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Plantation area is one of the two key factors that determine production. It is higly dependant to geographical and environmental features for coffee to be grown. Most of Indonesian coffee plantation are located in forest areas. Robusta plantations are commonly located in areas which have lower altitude, and Arabica plantations are mostly found in the hinterlands or mountain areas. However, some of the Robusta are also found in the hinterlands, which is said to be producing a high quality cup.


Bener Meriah is one of the Regency in Aceh Province, Indonesia and located in the Gayo highlands. Bener Meriah Regency has superior or more well recognized coffee products called Burni Telong or Gayo coffee (gayo itself comes from an ancient Acehnese language which was adopted from Sanskrit which means mountain). In this area, the coffee farm is dominant and offers people a great opportunity.


The Kerinci coffee plantation is situated in Jambi. Kerinci Regency’s coffee plantations are divided into three sub-districts: Kayu Aro, Kayu Aro Barat, and Gunung Tujuh. The coffee plantations in this region are situated at elevations ranging from 900 to 1,200 meters above sea level. Plants such as arabica and robusta are grown here. The character of kerinci coffee, according to Q grader, is a mixture of five Sumatra varieties, namely sigarar utang, gayo, andung sari, sidikalang, and P88. Kerinci arabica coffee was declared the best Indonesian specialty coffee in 2017 due to its flavor.


Various varieties of coffee are grown and produced in Bengkulu, including Arabica, Robusta, and Liberika. Robusta coffee variants continue to dominate Bengkulu coffee. Tens of thousands of tonnes of dry coffee ready for shipment are produced in two districts (Kepahiang and Rejang Lebong). Bengkulu produces about 80,000 tons of coffee each year. Bengkulu is the third largest coffee-producing province in Indonesia after Lampung and South Sumatra, earning it the nickname “golden triangle of coffee.” Bengkulu coffee is grown organically at an elevation of 700-1500 masl and has a distinct fruity fragrance that includes citrus, chocolate, and herbs. Bengkulu Robusta Coffee, which originates from Kepahiang Regency, has successfully entered the ranks of the best coffees in the Indonesian Specialty Contest (ISC) at the 2016 Indonesia Cupping Competition.


The Province of Lampung, particularly in West Lampung region, is known for its quality coffee. Robusta coffee has a distinctive character and flavor. It is the flagship of the country. Coffee Lampung Robusta rises above sea level at an altitude of 800 meters. Lampung coffee has an optimal acidity and is safe for consumption compared with coffee in other regions. This is why Lampung coffee is popular among the world’s coffee lovers. Lampung coffee farmers have a red cherry-picking tradition to make the finest quality of the coffee. Lampung coffee is well regarded on the worldwide market and has the greatest export contribution for the robusta coffee variant to Indonesia.